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Re: ppolicy in openldap

"Allgood, John" <jallgood@ohl.com> writes:

> Hello All
> I am fairly new to openldap and have some questions about password
> policys. We are running ldap on RHEL5 and using openldap 2.3.27. The
> ppolicy overlay gives me a lot of what I need but RHEL5 does not seem to
> have it installed. How can I get this installed? Also the best that I
> can tell is that ppolicy does not have any dictionary checks either. Is
> this true or did I just miss something? What I would like to setup is
> what we currently have in place using cracklib. Minlen=8 at least 1
> Uppercase, 1 Lowercase, 1 Number, 1 special char.

In order to install the ppolicy overlay, openldap has to be build with
overlays enabled. I don't know wether RedHat does include overlays in
their built.
With regard to dictionary checks, slapo-ppolicy(5) refers to
pwdPolicyChecker object class.


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