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RE: Issues in Performance Tesing of OpenLDAP using SLAMD

--On Tuesday, November 18, 2008 5:59 PM +0530 Shilpa Sethi <shilpa2.sethi@aricent.com> wrote:


I changed the approach for Performance testing. We developed an in-house
Java based tool that uses JLDAP library to query openLDAP database.

This sounds interesting, are you going to make it publicly available?

4 injector machines were used to inject the Traffic to two openLDAP
server running in Mirror-mode replication.

I've not played with a setup like this, so I can't really comment on how it would behave.

However result pattern obtained is very similar to those reported by
SLAMD. PFA, the result sheet that shows query made to Openldap by 4
machines and the respective response time/interval.

Please look into the sheet attached and suggest a possible cause for such
a behavior by openLDAP. In some intervals the responses returned are very
high while in some others it is 0.

Have you tried this with logging enabled (start at 256 perhaps) to see what slapd reports it is doing in these intervals? I.e., does it show any incoming connections, etc? What's the slapd usage reported by top during such an interval? One of the nice things about slamd is you can set up a resource monitor on the target LDAP server as well, so you can gather stats on what it's doing during the interval periods.



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