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RE: Issues in Performance Tesing of OpenLDAP using SLAMD

--On Friday, November 14, 2008 5:49 PM +0530 Shilpa Sethi <shilpa2.sethi@aricent.com> wrote:


Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

I Tried out further tests with a set of 50 clients with 1 thread.
I used 2 slamd client manager from 2 different DL585 machines, Further,
Started 50 clients on both the servers making in all 100 SLAMD clients.

The results obtained with the tests with 60, 80 and 100 clients resulted
in CPU Utilization of 100% in the initial run of ten minutes. CPU
reported an average of 100% utilized while after 10 minutes, it started
oscillating between 0% utilized and 100% utilized, resulting in slow down
of average.

(a) Did you prime the cache before you ran your read test?
(b) You may have to adjust interval periods between reads on the slamd clients if you're shooting for a particular CPU usage rate. That was never the objective of any of my tests, so I don't know.



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