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RE: Debugging a user authentication

Thanks Dieter.

After doing some wiresharking on a test server, I found that when the user entered his username/password, the server wasn't even doing an LDAP lookup.

On further analysis, we found he had a "£" in his password.
I set Apache to also use local-file authentication (ahead of LDAP-lookup), and even that fails when a "£" is in the password there, using local passwords.  I've tested other non-alphanumeric characters and all else are ok.  Even "#" is ok.  It just seems to be a problem when "£" is used in the password, Apache fails.  Very strange (Apache 2.2).

But thanks for your reply.


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"Adrian Marsh" <Adrian.Marsh@ubiquisys.com> writes:

> Hi All,
> Using Apache 2.2, how do I debug the LDAP lookups being made to a 2003
> Domain Controller. Ive one user whos failing to authenticate, but all
> my other users do and Im trying to see who. He authenticates ok, same
> password via other mechanisms to the DC, but just not via the Apache
> LDAP lookup.

Just dump the tranmitted packages by means of tcpdump or
wireshark. Get a hex to ascii table and transpose the hex values to


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