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Re: Case sensitive uid attribute

"Martin Benson" <martin_benson1972@hotmail.com> writes:

> Hi
> I am currently using Buchan Milneâs OpenLDAP 2.3.43 rpmâs on a RHEL 4.4
> installation. I use the core, cosine, inetorgperson and NIS schemaâs and everything
> works great. I mainly use OpenLDAP as an authentication server and I have a problem
> where the uid is not case sensitive. If I create a user called âMartinâ then it
> will also allow me to log in as âmartinâ and then fails as it cannot find my home
> directory. I have had a look at the schema files and in the core.schema and the
> core.ldif  the uid entry is commented out. It contains an entry âEQUALITY
> caseIgnoreMatchâ and I tried to change it to âEQUALITY caseExactMatchâ. Now I
> realise that I shouldnât be touching the core.schema but I donât know how else to
> do this without invalidating all the entries in the current database. No surprise
> but changing the attribute and uncommenting the uid entry did not work so any help
> would be appreciated. Sorry for not including all the usual files like slapd.conf
> but they are on the server at work and I am at home.

All commented attribute types are hardcoded in schema_prep.c
If you do require a change of matching rules you have to extend this
attribute to you own attribute type.


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