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Case sensitive uid attribute



I am currently using Buchan Milne’s OpenLDAP 2.3.43 rpm’s on a RHEL 4.4 installation. I use the core, cosine, inetorgperson and NIS schema’s and everything works great. I mainly use OpenLDAP as an authentication server and I have a problem where the uid is not case sensitive. If I create a user called “Martin” then it will also allow me to log in as “martin” and then fails as it cannot find my home directory. I have had a look at the schema files and in the core.schema and the core.ldif  the uid entry is commented out. It contains an entry “EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch” and I tried to change it to “EQUALITY caseExactMatch”. Now I realise that I shouldn’t be touching the core.schema but I don’t know how else to do this without invalidating all the entries in the current database. No surprise but changing the attribute and uncommenting the uid entry did not work so any help would be appreciated. Sorry for not including all the usual files like slapd.conf but they are on the server at work and I am at home.


Martin Benson