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Re: Security issue : userPassword is shown

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your prompt reply, if I want to restrict user to see the userPassword, what should I set in the slapd.conf file ?


Andrew Bartlett wrote:
On Thu, 2008-10-23 at 09:58 +0800, Paul Lee wrote:
Hi all,

I use a 3rd party LDAP browser to browse the users that I created.  I 
can see the userPassword clearly (plain text).

Is there any way to avoid this ?

When I use slapcat command to export to LDIF file, the userPassword 
field is encrypted, but why using 3rd party browser will show the 
password in plain text ?


The Base64 encoded value you see in slapcat isn't encryption of any
sort, it just handled the value in such a way that it can't be
misinterpreted as having special meaning in an LDIF file.  

You need to use access control rules to determine what attributes are
visible remotely. 

Andrew Bartlett
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