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Re: translucent overlay with local-only entries

Gavin Henry wrote:
----- "Sven Ulland" <sveniu@ifi.uio.no> wrote:
Gavin Henry wrote:
Did you read the man page? man slapo-translucent
I did, but the significance of translucent_local and _remote didn't
strike me. Unfortunately it seems that enabling local+remote
searching doesn't change the result. I must have a silly bug in my
configuration, but I cannot figure out where.

Various combinations of translucent_local and _remote give different,
but consistent, results:

  neither local nor remote: only remote entries returned
  local only: no entries returned
  remote only: only remote entries returned
  local and remote: only remote entries returned

These are corrent results and are documented in the slapo-translucent man page.

Are they really correct? With local-only entries working well (as they should, with my recent version of openldap), I would assume that local-only would return local-only entries, and that local-and-remote would return both remote and local entries.

I use the following in my slapd.conf[1]:

  translucent_remote uid
  translucent_local uid

Do you have uid indexed?

Yes, and I have tried rebuilding the index (and set proper file ownership afterwards) several times. 'uid' is indexed on the main ldap and on the translucent one, using 'index uid eq,sub'. No effect. I search using equality with ldapsearch. I tried switching between bdb and hdb, also without any effect.

It seems I have to dive into the code to resolve this one.