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Re: DN question

2008/8/14 Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com>:
> Kós Tamás wrote:
>> I got a little bit off topic problem, but I hope you can help me about
>> it. We got an LDAP directory, with many names. We got some same CNs
>> for instance: John Smiths. The only difference is between the 2 names
>> is the e-mail address. How can I modify one of them? ldapmodify
>> request DN, but our enviroment DN seems to be DN: CN=John Smiths.
>> How can I include the e-mail address to the DN?
> You can use either just attribute 'mail' as characteristic attribute for
> forming the RDN.
> mail=jsmiths,<..rest of DN..>
> mail=johnsmiths,<..rest of DN..>
> Or you could use so-called multi-valued RDNs:
> cn=John Smiths+mail=jsmiths,<..rest of DN..>
> cn=John Smiths+mail=johnsmiths,<..rest of DN..>
> As you can see , and + and some other chars are special in DN string
> representation so you have to escape them (see RFC 4514).
> Ciao, Michael.


Thank for your help. I tried to search with this command:
ldapsearch -xv -h host.somewhere.net -D "CN=jsmiths,O=ACME" -w
password mail=jsmiths@moewhere.net+CN=John\ Smiths
Nothing found...
This persons don't have O or DC attributes.
Can I ask you to give me some examples for searches and to modify
people by mail and CN attributes.

Cioa, Tamas

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