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Re: Automatically create home directory uppon Email login

Hi Almir,

Thanks for the reply. I found limited docs about virtual users and I'm
confused how to achieve what you suggested.
Would you please be more specific or post a usufull tutorial/manual?


2008/7/22 Almir Karic <redduck666@gmail.com>:
> On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 12:27 PM, Stelios A. <stelios.a@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I've migrate an old Sun Directory Server to OpenLDAP (version 2.4.9 on
>> Ubuntu 8.04 server) and setup a master/slave with syncrepl for data
>> replication betwwen 2 servers.
>> 1st server hold the master ldap and second the slave along with the
>> email server (Sendmail + Dovecot).
>> Email server requires ofcourse a home directory with a mbox file etc.
>> Is there a way to avoid creating each users home directory and setup
>> then his/her permissions?
>> There are 980 users in the base dc and trying to figure out a way to
>> avoid creating all this directories along with chmod manually.
> IMHO a proper solution is to use virtual users, this way you won't
> have to have system users for mail to be delivered.
> that being said i don't know how would one create home dirs on the
> login. you can use a workaround tho, create a script which creates the
> home dirs of users (and you can run it from cron to make sure home
> dirs for new mails get created as well).
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Stelios A