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Automatically create home directory uppon Email login

Hello all,

I've migrate an old Sun Directory Server to OpenLDAP (version 2.4.9 on
Ubuntu 8.04 server) and setup a master/slave with syncrepl for data
replication betwwen 2 servers.
1st server hold the master ldap and second the slave along with the
email server (Sendmail + Dovecot).
Email server requires ofcourse a home directory with a mbox file etc.
Is there a way to avoid creating each users home directory and setup
then his/her permissions?
There are 980 users in the base dc and trying to figure out a way to
avoid creating all this directories along with chmod manually.

I've already setup pam to auto create home directory uppon user login
but problem is that only 5 users will have access via ssh.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot