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RE: password changing problems

>I've set up OpenLDAP 2.4.10 and have been using phpldapadmin for user
>management.  The machines in our QA environment are set up to allow
>users to log in, and they are also able to change their password via
>passwd command.  However, they are only able to do this once; if they
>attempt it again, it bounces back with "LDAP Password incorrect: try
>again".  They are able to log out and in regardless, but passwd will
>accept their password in order to change it.  If the user's password is
>reset in phpldapadmin, again they are able to change the password once,
>and no more.

I'd like to thank Kim Nguyen for giving me the solution to my problem:
reconfiguring OpenLDAP with --enable-crypt (which, inexplicably, is off
by default).  Once i recompiled slapd, i was able to change passwords as
often as i liked.