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password changing problems

I've set up OpenLDAP 2.4.10 and have been using phpldapadmin for user
management.  The machines in our QA environment are set up to allow LDAP
users to log in, and they are also able to change their password via the
passwd command.  However, they are only able to do this once; if they
attempt it again, it bounces back with "LDAP Password incorrect: try
again".  They are able to log out and in regardless, but passwd will not
accept their password in order to change it.  If the user's password is
reset in phpldapadmin, again they are able to change the password once,
and no more.  There is no password policy configured in slapd; should
there be?

I have loglevel set to 296, but i'm not sure what to look for.