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FAO: any OpenLDAP.org FAQ-O-Matic admins around

I was trying to add an entry to this, and thought it was more wiki-like
than it really was.
Anyway, I've managed to mess up the layout, and my only choice now is to
"Append to this answer", rather than being able to edit what was already

Is there a way of editing it, or can I request the deletion of the
question "How Do I Export Active Directory into OpenLDAP to emulate the
Outlook Global Address List?" so I can start again, and only paste in
the content when I've finished arranging it locally?

Also, the email that is sent out when doing admin on your login (eg.
password resets etc) doesn't have a full link in it.
Eg, it says:

"Or access the following URL. Be careful when you copy and paste the URL
that the line-break doesn't cut the URL short.


And seems to be missing the http://.... Part at the start.