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Re: Client connect issues with OpenLDAP 2.3 on RHEL 4

On Monday 21 July 2008 19:33:42 Martin Benson wrote:
> I have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux v4.4 installation that runs OpenLDAP 2.2
> using the provided Red Hat rpm's. I want to upgrade this to OpenLDAP 2.3
> and have created an LDAP server using the packages from
> http://staff.telkomsa.net/packages/rhel4/openldap/i386 . The problem I have
> is that I cannot get a client to attach or query the server.

You need to provide more details.

> I have
> installed the openldap2.3-clients

openldap2.3-clients is not necessary, unless you require features that are not 
available in the 2.2. clients (some extended operations).

> and openldap2.3 packages and the server
> with logging enabled does not even show a connection.

Since my packages enable logging to /var/log/ldap2.3/ldap.log by default, if 
you have a decent log level, and you aren't seeing connections, then something 
else is wrong.

> I suspect it is a
> problem with the nss_ldap package that comes bundled with RHEL 4.4.

I doubt it. My packages are intended to be installed in parallel with the 
RHEL4 packages, and have no impact on any packages supplied by RHEL. I run 
nss_ldap from RHEL4 (4.6) on all my production LDAP servers that run my 2.3 
packages, without problems.

> I cannot compile the software on my system as it is a partial install for
> clients of ours and does not get delivered with compiler software.

It's unlikely that compiling the software would make a difference.

> Does anyone know of an updated rpm for nss_ldap to be compatible with
> openldap2.3 and RHEL 4?

It is unnecessary, the nss_ldap built against RHEL's 2.2 libraries is 

Maybe you would like to provide some configuration details, some example 
output when you use openldap utilities to search your server etc.