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[ Ldap Native client Solaris 10 conncet to openldap serveur RHEL ]


First, i m sorry about my  English.

I have an Openldap 2.3.39 Server RHEL 4.6 which work perfectly. All the authentification from Linux client are fine (with the ACL on and the option of host_chech_attr).
However, I have some problem to connect a ldap client native Solaris 10. I use ldapclient manual to configure the Solaris client. The option is :

#ldapclient -v manual -a "defaultServerList=IP_SERVER_OPENLDAP_RHEL" -a
"credentialLevel=proxy" -a "proxyDN=cn=account,dc=example,dc=fr" -a
"proxyPassword=Pass" -a "defaultSearchBase=dc=exemple,dc=fr" -a
"defaultSearchScope=sub" -a
"serviceSearchDescriptor=passwd:ou=People,dc=exemple,dc=fr?one" -a
"serviceSearchDescriptor=shadow:ou=People,dc=exempl,dc=fr?one" -a

When my ACL are activated, this command turne over timeout and the result are :

When i put this below ACL on Openldap Server :
access to *
by * read.

ldapclient is ok and the configuration are fine. But disable the ACL is not possible.

In the Openldap server log, i can see :
conn=6 op=0 BIND dn="" method=128 ...

I dont know why the option -a "proxyDN=cn=account,dc=example,dc=fr" didn't send correctly..

Do anyone have this kind of problem ? Do you get any information about solaris ldap native client connect to an openldap server rhel ?

I also follow some guide from : http://docs.lucidinteractive.ca/index.php/Solaris_LDAP_client_with_OpenLDAP_server  but it don't work neither.

Any advice ?

Thanks by advance for your answer and pardon me about my poor English.