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Re: OpenLdap unstable on RHEL5 & Centos5 with db4

Yeah but we did not wanted to have both the versions to run on our server or reside on our server. Also i missed out the major part that we have a complete build system where we roll out our own ISO's with custom packages....... so we have replaced every thing in the base of the OS. Even we have upgraded the db4 rpm including the openldap, cyrus,postifx and a lot more rpms.

All the issues were solved once the rpms were recompiled.

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
Rohit B skrev, on 22-02-2008 06:18:

Thanks, i downloaded RPMS from the link you send me but if i remove the original RPMS i have a lot of dependencies one of them is postfix. It gives libldap errors. So what i did was i recompiled postifx on a system having the new ldap rpms installed and used that postfix rpm on my setup. This solved the issue. I had to make changed in the DB_CONFIG file to match the cache size suited to my systems memory and also copied the same file to some of the application which need the DB4 library like /var/imap/db .This solved 99% of my problems.

You went about it one of the ways possible; however, installing Buchan's rpms will mean that they exist *parallel* to Red Hat's, so Red Hat's offerings don't have to be removed. I'm guessing that their are dependencies to the Red Hat client stuff and keeping these will obviate the remaining 1% of your problem. In fact, I have exactly the same on one of the RHEL5 servers on my site, where I can't use Buchan's client rpm and have to use Red Hat's.

OT: I hope you discovered Simon J. Mudd's Postfix srpm, since it enables you to upgrade Postfix to latest stable (d.d. 2.5.1)



Tony Earnshaw wrote:
Rohit B skrev, on 19-02-2008 08:21:

I am running Openldap and db4

[root@build ~]# slapd -V
@(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.3.27 (Mar 14 2007 17:44:50) $

DB4 vcersion db4-4.3.29-9

We have a address book containing around 500 to 2000 addresses stored in it. Every thing works fine for some days and then it crashes. I see nothing in the logs. We are using a custom schema attached with this email. Before we upgraded from the default openldap in centos4.4 to Centos5.0 it was working perfectly, is there any compatibility issues with the schema & the new package.

Indeed; this is Red Hat's version of OpenLDAP which is basically unstable and runs a deprecated db4 version. Believe me you are not the first person to experience this and you will not be the last. Moreover, however many backports Red Hat / CentOS will do of it in the future it can, by definition, never get any better.

I'm a RHEL5 sysadmin and this is not a new matter for Red Hat sysadmins.

Install the packages at http://staff.telkomsa.net/packages/rhel5/openldap/ and you'll be set to go.





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