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Re: OpenLdap unstable on RHEL5 & Centos5 with db4

On Friday 22 February 2008 10:56:19 Rohit B wrote:
> Yeah but we did not wanted to have both the versions to run on our
> server or reside on our server. Also i missed out the major part that we
> have a complete build system where we roll out our own ISO's with custom
> packages.......

We also have a build system (supporting RHEL2.1->RHEL5, x86 and x86_64 where 
applicable), but we don't roll custom ISOs, just custom kickstarts using the 
~ 500 packages in our repo.

> so we have replaced every thing in the base of the OS. 
> Even we have upgraded the db4 rpm including the openldap, cyrus,postifx
> and a lot more rpms.

Right, then you should consider just using the Mandriva cooker SRPM (which is 
usually more up-to-date then the binaries I publish at work - but I haven't 
quite finished 2.4.8 or 2.3.41 yet), and the compatibility macros:


However, we try not to touch libraries we don't really need to touch, thus the 
internal copy of db4 in OpenLDAP (but, you can disable this with build-time 
options, e.g. --without-db4_internal), and a lot of what we use isn't 
available in RHEL (or Fedora for that matter), but most is in Mandriva ...

This is probably starting to get a bit too off-topic.