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Re: query regarding user names and passwords


Thanks for your reply

anish patil wrote:
> <error>
>       adding new entry "uid=ああああ,ou=People,dc=avaya,dc=com"
>       ldap_add: Invalid DN syntax (34)
>            additional info: invalid DN
> </error>
> Systems locale set:-*LANG=ja_JP.SJIS*

>I'm not sure what this locale implies as local charset.
>Attribute 'uid' is of syntax Directory String.

>IMO it's rather an issue with client configuration. How did you
>provide this input data? Which client you were using? If you use
>the ldapadd/ldapmodify command-line tool how did you generate the
>LDIF needed? It MUST contain attribute values of syntax
>DirectoryString encoded as UTF-8 (or better UTF-8 encoded Unicode
>wrapped in base64-encoding).

I am using ldapadd utility which is provided by openladap itself.
For that purpose  i have created idif  file but if i ran file command its output shows that it encoding is different.

       $ file test.ldif
       test.ldif: Non-ISO extended-ASCII text

May be this is the root cause of problem

But due to other reason i do not want to change the encoding of the system.

So their is any way such that it can be  work in this conf also?

Anish Patil