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Re: query regarding user names and passwords

Removed Cc: openldap-devel...

anish patil wrote:

<error> adding new entry "uid=ãããã,ou=People,dc=avaya,dc=com" ldap_add: Invalid DN syntax (34) additional info: invalid DN </error>

Systems locale set:-*LANG=ja_JP.SJIS*

I'm not sure what this locale implies as local charset. Attribute 'uid' is of syntax Directory String.

IMO it's rather an issue with client configuration. How did you provide this input data? Which client you were using? If you use the ldapadd/ldapmodify command-line tool how did you generate the LDIF needed? It MUST contain attribute values of syntax DirectoryString encoded as UTF-8 (or better UTF-8 encoded Unicode wrapped in base64-encoding).

Maybe you could try with a decent GUI-based LDAP client first which has proper handling of charsets?

Ciao, Michael.