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Re: Syncrepl multimaster replication issue

Penza Kenneth at MITTS skrev, on 23-01-2008 11:06:

I am currently trying to setup a multi-master ldap setup. The setup is running on CentOS 5.1 with kernel 2.6.18-53.el5. In this setup I have migrated the UNIX authentication files using MigrationTools and everything worked fine. When I am trying to setup the replication I am encountering a strange behavior. The initial synchronization was performed by copying /var/lib/ldap directory when openldap was shutdown. On starting both nodes query each other and everything seems operating correctly. When I perform a change on either node, the node performs the local change however it is not propagated on the other node and in the /var/log/ldap.log I get the following message:

When ever the change is made on ldap1 it reports:

Jan 23 10:10:43 ldap1 slapd[5787]: null_callback : error code 0x10

Jan 23 10:10:43 ldap1 slapd[5787]: syncrepl_updateCookie: rid=002 be_modify failed (16)

Apart from what Gavin writes, since you're using CentOS5.1, consider using Buchan Milne's Red Hat RHEL5 rpms or src rpm at http://staff.telkomsa.net/packages/. He's done an awful lot of work (has done for years) and patched things that need patching (apart from anything else db4.6) which should ensure things working out of the box on your system.



Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl