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Re: Need a multi-client schema

Carr, Chris wrote:
Let's say that the three clients I want to share contacts
are Outlook, Evolution and Thunderbird. Would it be possible
to use the AD schema for the LDAP server and for all three
clients, replacing the default schemata of Evolution and
Since Evolution and Thunderbird are open source, you can of
course modify them to do whatever you want.

Um, yes. I meant would it be possible without recompiling anything. Evolution, for example, can import a CSV file of Outlook contacts perfectly, so the mapping is stored somewhere. If it's in an external file, and the evolutionperson.schema is also read from an external file, it might be possible to persuade Evolution to use Outlook fields by default. If the schema is hard-coded, then yes it would need source hacking and recompiling, which is not worth the trouble.

Your searches seem to have missed some useful hits: http://feldt.com/work/projects/openLDAP/

includes scripts for importing Outlook CSV exports to LDIF, and Vcards to LDIF. So apparently someone else has already figured out what schema are involved.

I get before taking on Outlook. Does anyone know where to
find the AD schema? I can find dozens of pages about it, but
can't actually download it from any of them.
As usual, Microsoft is not very forthcoming with docs, but
there's quite a bit of analysis already done here.

Ah, thanks. That's very helpful.

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