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RE: Need a multi-client schema

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> From: Howard Chu [mailto:hyc@symas.com] 
> Sent: 23 January 2008 08:24
> Carr, Chris wrote:
> >>> Let's say that the three clients I want to share contacts are 
> >>> Outlook, Evolution and Thunderbird. Would it be possible to 
> >>> use the AD schema for the LDAP server and for all three 
> >>> clients, replacing the default schemata of Evolution and 
> >>> Thunderbird?
> >> Since Evolution and Thunderbird are open source, you can of course 
> >> modify them to do whatever you want.
> >
> > Um, yes. I meant would it be possible without recompiling anything. 
> > Evolution, for example, can import a CSV file of Outlook contacts 
> > perfectly, so the mapping is stored somewhere. If it's in an 
> > external file, and the evolutionperson.schema is also read from an 
> > external file, it might be possible to persuade Evolution to use 
> > Outlook fields by default. If the schema is hard-coded, then yes 
> > it would need source hacking and recompiling, which is not worth 
> > the trouble.
> Your searches seem to have missed some useful hits: 
> http://feldt.com/work/projects/openLDAP/
> includes scripts for importing Outlook CSV exports to LDIF, and Vcards

> to LDIF. So apparently someone else has already figured out what
> are involved.

Um, no. If you study that page closely, you see that the author is
merely showing how to put a set of Evolution contacts and a *separate*
set of Outlook contacts into the same LDAP address book. There is no
mention of combining the data, or of propagating changes from one set to
the other. Specifically, there is no mention of a schema for Outlook (he
does include the evolutionperson.schema in slapd.conf, but without any
other mention of it). Whether the scripts to convert CSV and vCard
formats to LDIF actually do attribute/schema remapping as well is a moot
point, as both the links are broken. 

Thanks anyway. It does at least confirm for me that Evolution reads its
schema from an external file, so it should be easy enough to edit that. 


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