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Re: memberOf hidden?

Andrew Bartlett wrote:

>>> Or maybe one should recommend in a deployment note to
>>> use this overlay with back-ldap?
>> The deployment note should recommend to avoid using this overlay at all,
>> except for the purpose it was designed.  I would recommend to avoid
>> distributing it with OpenLDAP; rather, with samba4 for use with OpenLDAP.
> While I don't want to be antagonistic about this, if it becomes a
> situation where Samba4 has to distribute OpenLDAP overlays (rather than
> have a reasonable expectation that distributions will pick them up as
> part of OpenLDAP distributions), I'm worried about the logistics.
> How would Samba best go about packaging, maintaining and distributing
> OpenLDAP overlays?  How specific to particular versions of OpenLDAP are
> overlays, when built as binaries?  
> Also, how would I as an external package build an overlay against
> OpenLDAP?  Would the normal results of an OpenLDAP installation be
> enough?  (I'm just not familiar with this area). 
> Fortunately, in this particular case I already handle on the client side
> (where I prefer to handle most of this).  My philosophy is to do as much
> as possible on the client side, as this will promote interoperability
> with other directory servers, if and when they want to have Samba4
> support as well.  But I like to at least ask the question, as the less
> fiddling I have to do the better.  
> I also think it could be useful to others in future, as transitions are
> made from manual to automatic management of some attributes. 

I was not speaking "officially"; I just wanted to note that we have a
somewhat "loose" policy about external modules:

- generally useful: get into servers/slapd/overlays/ and known to
configure, so that they can either be statically built into slapd or
built and installed as run-time modules

- less generally useful: get distributed into contrib/slapd-modules/ and
usually maintained lined up with the rest of the suite

- even less generally useful: remain into the ITS in the contrib folder
and, unless the contributor maintains them, they slowly fade away
because of the evolution of slapd.

Specially developed modules that are mainly useful for interaction with
Samba4, like those we're prototyping in these days, would be generally
useful for Samba4 users/developers, but while in some cases they might
be of really general usefulness even for non-Samba4 users, in other
cases they are quite specific and occasionally violate LDAPv3 specs.  In
that case, it is (as usual) a matter of drawing the line.

I don't have any objection into maintaining and distributing, say, the
contents of a folder contrib/slapd-samba4-modules, including a dedicated
configure (or extending OpenLDAP's, or whatever), but I'd like to make
it clear what modules are, let's say, recommended for general use and
what are not, unless in the specific context of interoperating with Samba4.


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