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Re: memberOf hidden?

Andrew Bartlett wrote:

>>  > I can un-hide it for Samba (I have code that adds a list of attributes
>>  > to any query for *), but I just wanted to check there wasn't a more
>>  > elegant way to do it.

The only alternative I see consists in moving the addition of "memberOf"
to the list of attrs when it's empty, or '*' is present and either '+'
or 'extensibleObject' are absent, into slapd (again, using an overlay).

>> If you're only interested in certain attributes you should not use * 
>> anyway since this would return also binary attributes like jpegPhoto and 
>> userCertificate which likely are of not much use for Samba, are they?
> The problem is not Samba4, but Samba4's clients.  See, Samba4 is an LDAP
> proxy in this situation, and has a role simply to try and make OpenLDAP
> look more like AD than it does at present.  
> Samba4's clients are written expecting AD's behaviour, and while I might
> hope that they would explicitly request the attributes they need, if I
> can make such mistakes in my test scripts, so can they...

The addition of this feature is (almost) trivial.  So the decision
should be based on:
  - should this "feature" be exposed to all users, or
  - should it be exposed only to users using samba4 as proxy?
I'll code it anyway (not now, perhaps later today) and let you decide
after experimenting.


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