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Re: memberOf hidden?

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
One of the odd things I've noticed since moving to OpenLDAP managing
memberOf is that memberOf is a hidden attribute by default.  Is that
because it is treated as operational (due to being managed by the

Operational attributes are not returned when using * as attribute list. But they are returned when using +. So use *,+ for fetching all attrs. See also http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3673.txt.

> I can un-hide it for Samba (I have code that adds a list of attributes
> to any query for *), but I just wanted to check there wasn't a more
> elegant way to do it.

If you're only interested in certain attributes you should not use * anyway since this would return also binary attributes like jpegPhoto and userCertificate which likely are of not much use for Samba, are they?

Ciao, Michael.