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Re: Subtree renames and memberOf handling

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Michael Ströder wrote:
Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Michael Ströder wrote:

Yes, slapo-memberof(5) does not consider the possibility of a subtree
rename, and thus takes no care of it.
Would deploying slapo-refint be of help here?
Could be. Did you try, by chance?
Hmm, does not work for me. Not sure about current state of HEAD and
order of my overlay config. I also wonder about parameter memberof-refint.
------------------- snip -------------------
Excerpt of slapd.conf:

overlay memberof
memberof-refint true

# Referential integrity checking
overlay refint
refint_attributes member manager owner seeAlso roleOccupant
refint_nothing cn=dummy

Probably you should have also listed "memberOf" among the refint attrs;

Ouch! It was late yesterday...

Yes, it works as expected with memberOf also being handled by slapo-refint. But now I really wonder how it scales if there are thousands of members in a group which is renamed.

Ciao, Michael.