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Re: Subtree renames and memberOf handling

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> I perhaps should have flagged this earlier, but I wanted to actually
> have the test to prove it.


> The 'member' attribute on the group is wrong, most likely because such a
> subtree rename would never cause the memberOf module to fire and notice
> that this needs updating.

Yes, slapo-memberof(5) does not consider the possibility of a subtree
rename, and thus takes no care of it.  I believe at the time it was
implemented, this was not possible (in back-hdb), or not feasible (given
the impossibility to search portions of a DN-valued attribute):
slapo-memberof(5) was added to OpenLDAP sources August 2007, but
initially implemented for OpenLDAP 2.2.

I think this change should be relatively easy right now, as a DN-valued
can be searched with the dnSubtreeMatch rule to detect whether any
member/memberOf values need to be modified.

Please submit an ITS...


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