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Re: Authenticating with multiple databases

On Thursday, 15 April 2010 15:02:42 Ian Gillman wrote:
> We have a situation where we have 2 OpenLDAP databases containing
>  usernames, passwords etc... for two distinct entities.

You don't say so explicitly, but it seems you mean you have 2 servers, each 
with a (different) database.

>  We would like to be
>  able to send an authentication request to one of the databases and have it
>  return yes or no based upon the information in both databases.
> In other words, database A (DBa) has user A's (Ua) credentials and database
>  B (DBb) has user B's (Ub) credentials. We would like to be able to talk to
>  either DBa or DBb and get back the user credentials and authentication for
>  both Ua and Ub.
> Is there some way I can set up OpenLDAP to be able to try and authenticate
>  a user request locally and then, if that fails, to authenticate the
>  request remotely without the requestor having to know about the remote
>  database? We do not want to replicate information between the databases.

Have you looked at the meta backend? Specifically, the SCENARIOS section of