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Re: any benefit to skipping unused schema files?

Tim Mooney wrote:
> Is there any appreciable benefit to not loading schema files that I'm
> confident we won't be using (java, dyngroup, corba, probably others)?
> I generally avoid "kitchen sink" software installation and prefer to pare
> down what's enabled in a software package to the bits we need, but I
> can't imagine skipping a few schema files is going to save a significant
> amount of resources on a modern system with 24 GiB RAM.  Is there any
> other reason to skip schema files we won't be using?

If you're using schema-aware LDAP clients which load the whole subschema
subentry you save bandwidth and client-side processing. My web2ldap caches the
pre-parsed subschema subentry for a part of the DIT but the initial
loading/parsing of really big subschema subentries (>500 kB) is significant on
older systems.

Ciao, Michael.