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Authenticating with multiple databases

We have a situation where we have 2 OpenLDAP databases containing usernames, passwords etc... for two distinct entities. We would like to be able to send an authentication request to one of the databases and have it return yes or no based upon the information in both databases.

In other words, database A (DBa) has user A's (Ua) credentials and database B (DBb) has user B's (Ub) credentials. We would like to be able to talk to either DBa or DBb and get back the user credentials and authentication for both Ua and Ub.

Is there some way I can set up OpenLDAP to be able to try and authenticate a user request locally and then, if that fails, to authenticate the request remotely without the requestor having to know about the remote database? We do not want to replicate information between the databases.

Ian Gillman 
Senior Network Administrator 
Monroe Clinic 

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