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Re: max open files

В Чтв, 18/03/2010 в 16:38 -0700, Russ Allbery пишет:
> Dan Pritts <danno@internet2.edu> writes:
> > On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 10:36:09AM -0400, Alex McKenzie wrote:
> >> perhaps something the devels should think about.  If they decide to
> >> continue on the way they have... well, that's their option.  It's their
> >> project, and they can do what they want with it.  But they should at
> >> least be aware that people are concerned about the current methods.
> > I tend to agree with Alex, FWIW, but I too recognize that I get what I
> > pay for.
> Out of fairness want to note that the most significant component of the
> problems with the OpenLDAP packages for Debian (and Ubuntu, to a somewhat
> lesser degree) is that the packaging team has basically no resources.
> Only two of us have done much work over the past year or two, and then
> only as we've found time, and neither of the two of us who are active have
> any free time to spare to increase the amount of work that we're doing
> significantly.
> This is not something that either is the fault of the OpenLDAP project or
> something that any of the OpenLDAP developers can address even if they
> wanted to unless they wanted to become experts in Debian packaging.
> Debian and Ubuntu need more people with a thorough understanding of Debian
> packaging working on improving the packages.
> At this point, nearly all complaints about the state of the Debian
> packages are rightfully directed at the lack of resources on the Debian
> side.  There may be some issues that could be reasonably considered a
> shared responsibility were the packages in much better shape, but at this
> point they're swamped by the lack of volunteer resources to absorb new
> upstream releases and do reasonable bug triage.

Is this issue filed on Debian bugtracker?

> Unfortunately, we're currently in a state where the people involved in the
> packaging don't have enough free time to teach even interested parties
> about packaging so that they can come up to speed and help.  We really
> need volunteers who already know the packaging components and can start
> working at that level without needing much additional resources or
> training.  Both Steve and I are already doing about a dozen other
> high-profile things for Debian and are both involved in the packaging of
> OpenLDAP primarily out of pure self-interest in not wanting to see the
> packages go completely untended, not because we have any realistic ability
> to maintain the packages as they properly should be maintained.
> I do the Debian package maintenance for OpenAFS, which has a similar or
> higher change rate as OpenLDAP and also doesn't do a lot of support for
> old stable versions, but the end user experience is much, much better and
> the same complaints are not present simply because on the packaging side
> I'm able to apply more resources.  I have the time to aggressively package
> new versions, pull up upstream changes inbetween releases (admittedly,
> made *far* easier than it would be for OpenLDAP by OpenAFS's use of Git),
> and backport newer versions for users of Debian stable.  When Debian users
> of OpenAFS run into problems fixed in later versions, I can just tell them
> to go to the version from backports.org to solve their problem.  This
> doesn't require any additional work from the OpenAFS upstream maintainers.
> There's absolutely no reason why the same thing couldn't be true of the
> OpenLDAP packages for Debian and Ubuntu, without any changes whatsoever to
> how the OpenLDAP developers run their project.  All it requires is
> volunteers and time.
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