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Re: max open files

On 3/18/10 3:36 PM, Alex McKenzie wrote:
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Again:  this is a decision the development team made.  It's not because
it's free, it's because they chose one particular mode of development.
I'm not saying it's wrong, necessarily, but it drives a lot of people --
like me -- to look for alternatives.  Right now, the system pretty much
works, despite the fact that I'm using and older version
(2.4.7-6Ubuntu3).  The problem, for me, is that if I write to this list
with a problem, I'll be told no one can help me unless I rebuild from
scratch.  So far, it's been easier to work around problems or look for
help in the Ubuntu forums.
I don't see whay you should blame the OpenLDAP developpers if Ubuntu/RH/Suse/Whateverix don't provide updated packages...

Or may be they just need people to compile and test the latest packages to add them in their distro.

You can volunteer, of course.

Emmanuel Lécharny