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Re: Understanding Synchronization Problem using syncrepl

2009/12/24 Andrea Cirulli <acirulli@gmail.com>:
> Hi All,
> I work on an important infrastructure of 20 LDAP Servers, One Producer and
> 19 consumers.
> We are migrating on multimaster-mode achieving 22 server, 2 Producers ( in
> mirror mode ) and 20 consumers.
> I'm here to asking all which is the better way for understanding if all the
> LDAP servers are synchronized.
> We want to create some tools for checking periodically whether there is some
> consumer not yet synchronized or not.
> Could you suggest me something?
> We were thinking on analyzing entryCSN, however if we are going to analyze
> all of them could lead in an overload problem since we are dealing with more
> then 3 Millions of objects, and we want to check the sync at least every X
> minutes and not Hours or day.....
> Many Thanks in advance


you can look at this Nagios script:

It checks ContextCSN values.