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Re: Debugging a module

Ryan Steele wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
autogroup isn't supposed to perform any expansion during searches.
That's not what it does.

So, you're saying that dynlist should perform the expansion, and autogroup
just allows you to filter it?

I'm quite certain I never said any such thing.

The autogroup
man page makes no mention of needing the dynlist module (only the dynlist
schema), which to me seems to imply that it's
intended to supersede, not complement, dynlist.

The autogroup Readme clearly states:

    The autogroup overlay allows automated updates of group memberships which
    meet the requirements of any filter contained in the group definition.
	The filters are built from LDAP URI-valued attributes. Any time an object
	is added/deleted/updated, it is tested for compliance with the filters,
    and its membership is accordingly updated. For searches and compares
    it behaves like a static group.

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