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Debugging a module

Hey folks,

I'm trying to debug the cause of faulty module behavior (autogroup) which has eluded both strace and 'slapd -d 16383'
(and, just as a point of reference, it's slapd 2.4.18 and autogroup 1.8 on Ubuntu 8.04). So, I'd like to use gdb to
figure out what's going on, but I'm not quite sure how to attack the problem.  I've tried several different approaches
to debug what's going wrong during the ldapsearch with gdb, but I can't seem to capture what I'm looking for.  Rather
than paste what I've tried, since it's ineffective, I'd instead like to ask how you all would approach it.  So again,
the scenario is:

  - slapd is running without any errors in the logs (about slapd or the failed autogroup expansions)
  - dynlist works, so I know that modules as a whole and dynamic searches work
  - autogroup doesn't generate any errors, but fails to perform any expansions during ldapsearches

How can I attack this problem with gdb such that I'll be able to step through what's going on from the moment slapd
begins parsing the entry requested by the ldapsearch in which there's supposed to be an expansion occurring?  Many
thanks in advance for your insight.