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Re: N-Way Replication works first time only

On 22/06/2009 23:28, Calos Lopez wrote:
Just upgraded to version 2.4.15 and the issue is exactly the same:
only the first change is replicated to the other server. I don't
think upgrading to version 2.4.16 will resolve this.

It may not resolve this issue, but since several replication related
fixes were introduced, you'd probably be better off using it anyway, to
avoid future issues, once you get your config working.

Any clues? Just one more thing in the tutorial is said the the the
setup of syncrepl is only necessary for the first server because all
the config that will be replicated "/(...)We still have to replicate
the actual data, not just the config, so add to the master (all
active and configured consumers/masters will pull down this config,
as they are all syncing)(..)/". Actually that didn't happen, I had to
replicate to all servers the backend database syncrpl configuration.
May this is a clue....

You may be running into the issue described in a note just below that quote:

Note: As stated in slapd-config(5), URLs specified in olcSyncRepl
directives are the URLs of the servers from which to replicate. These
must exactly match the URLs slapd listens on (-h in Command-Line
Options). Otherwise slapd may attempt to replicate from itself,
causing a loop.

In your original message, you state that you launch slapd using:
root@ubuntu:~# /usr/sbin/slapd -d 16384

I suggest adding "-h ldap://"; (and .11 respectively) to that. This way, slapd can know which server is 'self', and which are others.

Jonathan Clarke - jonathan@phillipoux.net
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