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Re: openldap2.4.16 and BDB4.7 not sync configured as provider/consumer

--On Thursday, May 07, 2009 10:36 AM -0700 Rodrigo Costa <rlvcosta@yahoo.com> wrote:


My understanding is that attrs doesn't need to exist in config since by
default all attributes are shared.

I think that is what I said. You should not specify the attrs= line in the syncrepl stanza on the replica, and just use the default. That way, the entire database is replicated in full to the replica.

My original plan was to remove some tasks from the provider, like
backup, running a slapcat in the consumer(slave). Based in the
requirement to load the consumer(slave) using a master LDIF dump I'm not
sure if this is really feasible.

Why is it a requirement to use a master LDIF dump? I never said that. What I said, is that you are required to have a fully formed LDIF file to load LDAP servers that will be syncing (I.e., an LDIF file with the operational attributes, vs a generated LDIF file from a program that is missing them.). If you do a slapcat from an existing server, then it should be fully formed.

My idea was :
1)Have a provider/consumer running;
2)Execute LDIF and binary backups in the consumer(slave)
3)In a case of problem in the master just let a HA SW move the master to
slave and then load "old master" using the slave LDIF file(recovering

Is this feasible?

Yes, this is pretty standard procedure, minus the binary backups. You could of course just set up mirror mode or multi-master, as well...



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