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Re: openldap2.4.16 and BDB4.7 not sync configured as provider/consumer


Thanks a lot!

The replication is just fine after loading the LDIF with operational 
attributes. No overload in consumer to sync database now.



Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> --On Thursday, May 07, 2009 10:36 AM -0700 Rodrigo Costa 
> <rlvcosta@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Quanah,
>> My understanding is that attrs doesn't need to exist in config since by
>> default all attributes are shared.
> I think that is what I said.  You should not specify the attrs= line 
> in the syncrepl stanza on the replica, and just use the default.  That 
> way, the entire database is replicated in full to the replica.
>> My original plan was to remove some tasks from the provider, like
>> backup, running a slapcat in the consumer(slave). Based in the
>> requirement to load the consumer(slave) using a master LDIF dump I'm not
>> sure if this is really feasible.
> Why is it a requirement to use a master LDIF dump?  I never said that. 
> What I said, is that you are required to have a fully formed LDIF file 
> to load LDAP servers that will be syncing (I.e., an LDIF file with the 
> operational attributes, vs a generated LDIF file from a program that 
> is missing them.).  If you do a slapcat from an existing server, then 
> it should be fully formed.
>> My idea was :
>> 1)Have a provider/consumer running;
>> 2)Execute LDIF and binary backups in the consumer(slave)
>> 3)In a case of problem in the master just let a HA SW move the master to
>> slave and then load "old master" using the slave LDIF file(recovering
>> procedure).
>> Is this feasible?
> Yes, this is pretty standard procedure, minus the binary backups.  You 
> could of course just set up mirror mode or multi-master, as well...
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