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Re: Mirrormode and cn=config

Peter Mogensen wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm doing a mirrormode setup from what I can understand of the admin
> guide A.2.5 it's possible to mirror cn=config so you only have to make
> changes on one server.
> I have two problems though.
> First:
> I've looked at test49 and it doesn't seem to use mirrormode.
> Also - server 1 in test49 has it self as provider ???
> I would guess that there would be some troubles with mirroring
> cn=config since, server 1 should have server 2 as provider and
> vice-versa. (and that must not be replicated)
> Is this possible at all or am I chasing a dead end?

This is possible. If your config is mirrored, you must have two syncrepl
statements - one pointing at each server.

slapd will detect that one of these statements is pointing to itself, so
long as the URI in your syncrepl matches the URI you launch slapd with
(in the -h parameter).

So for example, in your cn=config
olcSyncrepl: rid=NNN provider=ldap://master1:389/ ...
olcSyncrepl: rid=NNM provider=ldap://master2:389/ ...

And launch your master1 with:
slapd -h "ldap://master1:389/"; ...


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