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Re: Problem with searches

El miÃ, 25-03-2009 a las 11:12 -0700, Bill MacAllister escribiÃ:

> If you are using slurpd you would look at the slurpd.status and 
> slurpd.replog files and compare the last time that you see in the 
> slurpd.replog with the values you see in the slurpd.status.  When 
> everything is synced up the times should all matched.
> Even though you say there where no modifications it is nice to be sure that 
> the replicas are all in sync before you look at other causes.
	(Sorry, I forgot this detail)

	I'm replicating with slurpd, but slurpd is synced and all replicas are
ok. In fact, I'm having the problem with ldap entries which haven't been
updated in years.

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