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Mirrormode and cn=config


I'm doing a mirrormode setup from what I can understand of the admin guide A.2.5 it's possible to mirror cn=config so you only have to make changes on one server.
I have two problems though.

I've looked at test49 and it doesn't seem to use mirrormode.
Also - server 1 in test49 has it self as provider ???
I would guess that there would be some troubles with mirroring cn=config since, server 1 should have server 2 as provider and vice-versa. (and that must not be replicated)

Is this possible at all or am I chasing a dead end?

I have problem with SASL/EXTERNAL and TLS. The server can't seem to find the client certificate. I'm using slapd from Debian Lenny and Ubuntu Hardy, and it's probably due to GnuTLS problems.
I get error from slapd like:
"TLS: can't accept: A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.."
"unable to get TLS client DN, error=-4 id=0"

Are GnuTLS just completely broken on Debian Lenny or can this be made to work?