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Re: Overlays proxycache and failover

----- "SÃbastien CAMELLINI" <seb.secu@gmail.com> wrote: 
> Hie, 
> I have one ldap proxy server and 2 ldap servers in mirror mode with syncrep. My proxy ldap server ask all to one of the two servers in mirror mode. l'm trying to find a way to specifie in the proxy ldap config to ask all to the second server when the first is down. 

See the slapd-ldap man page:

uri <ldapurl>
              LDAP  server  to  use.   Multiple  URIs can be set in a single ldapurl argument, resulting in the underlying
              library automatically call the first server of the list that responds, e.g.

              uri "ldap://host/ ldap://backup-host/";

              The URI list is space- or comma-separated.  Whenever the server that responds is not the first  one  in  the
              list,  the  list is rearranged and the responsive server is moved to the head, so that it will be first con-
              tacted the next time a connection needs be created.