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Re: JLDAP - unsupported extended operation

The problem here is that , your LDAP server does not support this particular extension. What server are you using?


>>> On 03/10/09 at 05:50 AM, in message
<eac0cb470903091720n1977e296xd2166607e0a17d4c@mail.gmail.com>, Joao Batista
Mossmann <mossmann@gmail.com> wrote: 
> I have a problem with a program in Java ussing JLDAP.
> I am trying/ run write a program
> http://developer.novell.com/documentation/samplecode/jldap_sample/extensions 
> /TriggerBackground.java.html
> but return only error
> LDAPException: Protocol Error (2) Protocol Error
> LDAPException: Server Message: unsupported extended operation
> LDAPException: Matched DN:
> Please help me
> Best regards,
> Joao Mossmann