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Re: Replica timestamp wierdness

--On February 10, 2009 4:15:03 PM +0000 Duncan Brannen <dbb@st-andrews.ac.uk> wrote:

Hi, Can anyone help me out understanding an issue with timestamps I'm having, is there a config option to use one or the other format or a search term that matches both?

If a user on out master ldap (Solaris 10, openldap 2.4.8 ) server is
updated, a timestamp is set with a trailing Z
and the record is propogated to the slaves (debian, openldap 2.3.30) with
the same timestamp.

I suggest you read the CHANGES in the OpenLDAP 2.3 tree. Support for replication from 2.4 -> 2.3 wasn't added to 2.3 until well after 2.3.30. Use 2.3 release that supports what you're doing.



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