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Re: Paged Results Control questions

Maier, Nathan wrote:
I have an LDAP client(LDP.exe) trying to send a paged search to the LDAP
server but get a result code of unavailableCriticalExtension(12), which
seems to indicate that the Paged Results extension isn't present (or

The OpenLDAP server is running slapd version 2.2.28, which according to
the OpenLDAP roadmap should have the "Simple Paged Results Extension".

So the obvious question, does 2.2.28 support Paged Results? If it does,
could it be the extension is disabled? How would I enable it?

I don't know in detail about 2.2.28, but OpenLDAP 2.2 should support that control when back-bdb is used. However I think nobody really bothers about checking such an outdated version (the current is 2.4.13).

Also, what is a good LDAP query to verify extensions like the Simple
Paged Results?

a search with paged results control and criticality set to true will suffice.


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