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Replica timestamp wierdness

Can anyone help me out understanding an issue with timestamps I'm having, is there a config option
to use one or the other format or a search term that matches both?

If a user on out master ldap (Solaris 10, openldap 2.4.8 ) server is updated, a timestamp is set with a trailing Z
and the record is propogated to the slaves (debian, openldap 2.3.30) with the same timestamp.

eg 20090210151527Z

If a MODRDN is applied to a user, the tiemstamp on the master is still of the format 20090210151527Z,
but on the slave it becomes more precise I.E. 20090210151527.623654

If I modify the user again, the timestamp reverts to the Z notation.

I wouldn't care, but I have a script that syncs up another system looking for modified users and
modifyTimeStamp>=20090210150000Z doesn't match for the other format, nor does dropping
the Z seem to help.


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