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Re: schema replication 2.4

Gavin Henry wrote:
----- "Daniel Paufler"<d.paufler@ergomedia.de>  wrote:

Hello Gavin

Gavin Henry wrote:
Unfortunately, i still have a problem to replicate my schema with
openldap 2.4.
How are you binding again for the loglevel change?

I always use cn=admin,cn=config to bind to the cn=config context.
i use a different DN?

What are you ACLs for this user? I think cn=config rootdn is hardcoded. I need to double check.

That is the default value, yes, but it can be explicitly set to anything else.

The point in the original post is that ordinarily, turning a database into a replica makes it only writable by the replication agent (slurpd in older releases, or syncrepl in current releases). In order to allow other locally generated changes to the database, you have to configure mirrormode/multimaster.
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