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Re: schema replication 2.4

Hello  Howard

Howard Chu wrote:
> The point in the original post is that ordinarily, turning a database
> into a replica makes it only writable by the replication agent (slurpd
> in older releases, or syncrepl in current releases). In order to allow
> other locally generated changes to the database, you have to configure
> mirrormode/multimaster.

In my original post, i only want to replicate cn=schema,cn=config.
Unfortunately, my syncrepl directive is locking the whole cn=config tree
/ database.

The loglevel change was only an example. Another example is different
indexes for different slaves (e.g. email-slave, samba-slave, ...) or
maybe another hdb-backend on one of the slaves. The point is changes to
cn=config wich does not relate to cn=schema,cn=config but currently
needs a referal.

My question is, wether is behavior is correct or not. In my case, i only
want to replicate a subtree of cn=config (e.g. cn=schema,cn=config) and
not the whole cn=config. Furthermore i still want to be able to change
certain things differently on my slaves. configuring mirrormode will
replicate my changes to the master, right? In that case, debuging one
slave will set the loglevel / indexes / whatever on the master an all
other slaves. I think, thats not desirable.