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Re: slapd does not start, where do I find the error?

On Monday 04 August 2008 22:08:16 Brad Knowles wrote:
> Buchan Milne wrote:
> > See the repo file for some information on how to install:
> > http://staff.telkomsa.net/packages/OpenLDAP.repo
> Out of curiosity, how do you configure this repo to be used?  I tried
> putting it into /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources on a RHEL4 box, and it doesn't
> seem to work as either a yum-style or apt-style repo, so up2date ends up
> barfing on it.

RHEL4 is quite depressing, we use smart on our RHEL4 boxes (so that we have a 
feature that was available on Mandrake 7.0, in 2000, being able to install 
packages on the installation media after installation), but the repo file is 
actually for yum.

Unfortunately, up2date on RHEL4 doesn't understand the new RPM meta-data repo 
as used by yum/smart etc., only the old legacy yum 1.x format.

Let me see if I can run yum-arch on the repo ...

> Is there additional documentation somewhere that I've missed?